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Whirlpool And Bathtub Buying Guide

Whirlpool & Tubs

How to Choose Your Whirlpool or Bathtub

Whether you are yearning for a relaxing hot soak to ease tired muscles, or a luxurious pampering bubble bath, whirlpools and bathtubs are a tranquilizing treat and a fabulous addition to your bathroom! They come in a variety of sizes, configurations and styles to perfectly accommodate any bathroom layout or design. When shopping for the perfect tub, it is important to consider the bathing experience you are seeking, as well as any space or shape limitations in your bathroom.

Primary Tub Types


Air Tubs

Air Tubs offer a soothing, gentle massage with streams of air. These tubs contain tiny jets that release air to produce the bubble massage. Many come with features such as heater blowers, adjustable air flows and even the capability to use scented bath oils to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot Tubs are freestanding tubs that are elevated from the floor and are supported by feet. These vintage fashioned tubs are the deepest tub option and never go out of style. Clawfoot tubs are most often found in the classic roll top style or high-backed slipper variety

Soaking Tub

Soaking Tubs

Soaking Tubs are the most common bathtub type. These tubs are simply vessels meant to be filled with water, offering a warm relaxing experience. Many soaking tubs also offer added features such as built-in armrests and support neck and head pillows for ultimate comfort

Whirlpool Tub

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool Baths provide a soothing water massage experience to soothe achy muscles. Large jets pump in and propel out warm water to offer a vigorous muscle massage. These jets are often adjustable to vary water intensity and direction to target specific areas. Many whirlpools even offer lighting options within the water called chromatherapy!

Massage Tub

Total Massage Tubs

Total Massage Tubs combine the benefits of both air and water jets for ultimate bliss. These tubs offer deep massage from whirlpool water jets plus relaxing smooth air jets from an air bath. This offers the user a variety of massage choices to match their bathing needs.

Bathtub Installation Types

Many whirlpools and bathtubs are available in multiple installation varieties and drain locations. The installation needed will depend on the particular bathroom set-up and space available.

  • 3 wall alcove tubs are most common, and are surrounded by walls on three sides. Many models come with an integral tile flange to keep water from getting between the tub and the walls as well. For this installation type it is very important to choose the correct drain location in the tub model, especially for remodeling or new construction.
  • Corner tubs are typically triangular in shape and are designed to fit into a two-wall corner location. These units are often purposed for two person bathing.
  • Drop In tubs are designed to be "dropped in" to a cut out area of the tub deck platform. These tubs allow for easy entrance and exit, and offer a polished bathroom look.
  • Freestanding tubs are bathtubs that stand alone. Finished on all sides,they call attention to themselves as they oftentimes occupy large areas of the bathroom. They forego the noise and vigor of bubbling jets in favor of a deep,quiet soak. These tubs come in wide range of materials and finishes, such as acrylic, cast iron, stone, copper, and enamel.
  • Undermount tubs are mounted under the tub deck to create a smooth surface. These tubs can be installed in a variety of locations including corners, recesses, and islands, as the tub is supported from below

  • Bathtub Accessories

    Once a bath tub is chosen, coordinating fixtures will also need to be selected. Drains and faucets come in various configurations and finishes to match your bathroom decor and suit your bathing needs. If you are installing a shower and bathtub combo, you will need a tub & shower faucet. If installing a bath tub only, you can choose from deck mounted, wall mounted or floor mounted tub faucets.

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