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Ceiling Lights Buying Guide

Ceiling Lights Room

How to Choose Your Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling light fixtures refer to lighting including, chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mount and semi flush mount lights that are suspended from the ceiling. They provide general, ambient and task lighting in a chic way through a variety of styles and types.

How do I choose a ceiling fixture?

Light fixtures are an important design element in any space. Not only does it provide illumination to a room, but it also contributes to the overall look and feel of the space, helping to create the mood in your home. The right lighting will accentuate your home and help you to get more from each space, whether cooking, working or relaxing. There are many types of ceiling light fixtures to choose from. Knowing which type to choose will depend on a variety of things including:

• What room will the light fixture be in?

• How much light is needed?

• Is the light fixture primarily used for design or functional purposes?

• How will the light fixture fit into the overall space?

Once you have the answers to these questions, figuring out your lighting fixture choices will become easier.

Ceiling Lighting Types & Use


Chandeliers are great for general lighting. They can steal the show or be the elegant finishing touch to any room. Decide how you want yours to work in the room of your choice. A mini-chandelier can add whimsy to a child's bedroom or romance to a dressing room, while a mid-sized or large chandelier can create a commanding and elegant feeling in a master bedroom or formal living room.

Check out the Chandeliers Buying Guide for more information on chandeliers.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lights are ideal for general, task, mood, and decorative lighting. For the most effective and functional use, particular pendant lights should be used in specific areas. Typically, multi-pendant lights are used over kitchen islands, billiard tables, and dining room tables. Mini pendants are most often used in hallways, offices or in the kitchen over a task oriented area such as the sink. Foyer pendants can make a foyer area warm and inviting and also leave a lasting impression on guests.

Check out the Pendant Lights Buying Guide for more information on pendant lights.

Semi Flush Mount Lighting
Flush Mount Lighting

Flush & Semi Flush Mount Lights are some of the most popular lighting fixtures in homes. They're versatile, available in a variety of styles, and are intended to create comfortable, well lit rooms. Flush mount lighting fixtures are directly attached to the ceiling without a chain or stem. They are the least conspicuous type of ceiling fixture, and are often designed not to be noticed. Semi flush mounted fixtures hang down slightly from the ceiling, which makes it easier to change bulbs.

Usually flush and semi flush mount lights can be used interchangeably however there are primary areas where each fixture is better used. Flush mount light fixtures are typically used in areas that offer limited space and have low ceilings such as hallways, closets, laundry rooms, or bathrooms. Semi flush light fixtures are ideally used in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and foyers. Semi flush lighting helps give the illusion of a higher ceiling by throwing light up into the ceiling as well as down into the room. They help to open up a small room and give the feeling of more space.

When deciding on your fixture choice, here are a few things to consider:

• For low ceilings (below 8'), flush mount lights are a better choice.

• For higher ceilings (between 8' and 10'), semi flush mount lights become an option. They generally hang less than a foot away from the ceiling.

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