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Wall Sconces Buying Guide

Bathroom Wall Sconce

How to Choose Your Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are an excellent way to add a source of general, accent, or task lighting to your home. These extremely versatile fixtures can be used in various areas including the bathroom, hallway, a reading nook, or to frame a large formal mirror.

Types of Wall Sconces

There are two types of wall sconces available at Ferguson; 1 bulb wall sconces and multi bulb wall sconces.


1 bulb wall sconces are primarily used for task lighting, highlighting a specific area or object. The shade transparency, color, and texture can affect how much light is displayed.

Ceiling Lighting

Multi bulb wall sconces are most often used for background illumination. They can reflect light off the ceiling for added ambient light. Similar to the 1 bulb wall sconce, shade transparency, color, and texture can affect how much light is displayed.

Wall Sconce Use & Placement

Wall Sconce Use & Placement in the Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Sconce Placement

Good, functional lighting is needed around the bathroom vanity mirror and sink area. Wall sconces are a great source of supplementary light. Mounting them on either side of the bathroom mirror is best for casting even light across the face, which eliminates shadows. Wall sconce fixtures should be softly flattering, yet bright enough to perform activities such as makeup application and shaving.

The primary place to hang wall sconces in the bathroom is on either side of the bathroom vanity mirror. The height at which to hang the sconces will depend on the individuals using the bathroom. They should be hung around eye level to fill in the sides of your face with light, approximately 65 to 70 inches from the floor.

Wall Sconce Use & Placement in the Hallway

Hallway Wall Sconce Placement

Hallways should be properly illuminated to allow for safe and comfortable navigation between rooms. Wall sconces can add functional light and style corridors which are often poorly lit. They are ideal for lighting hallways because they don't take up any floor space. Other fixtures don't span the length of the corridor, therefore leaving hallway areas dark. The indirect lighting from wall sconces provides a soft effect that can transform your hallway into a warm, attractive area.

Wall sconces being used in a hallway should be hung no less than 60 to 66 inches from the floor and 72 inches apart from each other. On a very tall wall, they can be hung a bit higher to complement a piece of art or create more balance within the area. The sconces should be hung high enough where an average height person can't see the bulbs. Additionally, be cognizant of the sconce depth. The fixture shouldn't protrude too far from the wall which can be dangerous.

Wall Sconce Use & Placement in a Reading Nook

A reading area, commonly referred to as a nook, is an area in your home where you set the atmosphere to be ideal for reading. These areas can also be used for making phone calls, listening to music, writing, or to relax. Reading nooks do not require much space; they usually consist of a chair, small table or nightstand, decorative items for ambiance, a blanket, pillow and your light source. A wall sconce can be placed on the wall beside a chair to create ample light for reading.

Wall Sconce Use & Placement on Large, Formal Mirrors

Mirrors are used in various areas of a home to add personality and style. Sometimes the mirror alone might not fulfill the look you desire. Adding wall sconces on both sides of the mirror completes the mood of the room and takes advantage of the mirror's reflective quality by adding depth.

The distance at which you choose to position the sconces is a personal one. The mirror should be the focal point of the design while the sconces add the decorative ambient lighting.

Wall Sconce Styles

Wall sconces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes that can fit into any type of decor. Here are a few style tips to consider when choosing your wall sconces.

Matching your Bathroom Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures

Consider the finish of your bath sink faucets when purchasing your new light fixtures. Most manufacturers offer a variety of finishes to match bathroom faucets for a cohesive overall design.

Evaluate your style.

Is your home traditional, transitional or modern? Choose your sconces accordingly.

Traditional Wall Sconces Transitional Wall Sconces Modern Wall Sconces

Use accent colors to your advantage.

Take a look around the space where you are planning to use your wall sconce and pick a color from your carpet, throw pillows, curtains or decorative pieces. Wall sconce shades come in many different colors and are a great way to pull your area together.

Match your finishes.

To keep a cohesive look and feel, match the finish of a light fixture to door hardware or faucet finishes within a room. Try and use the same finishes throughout to create a consistent look.

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