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Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

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Purchasing a Kitchen Sink

In the kitchen, one of the most important areas is the kitchen sink. Without a doubt, the kitchen sink handles a number of duties throughout the day whether you're washing your hands, preparing food or cleaning dishes. Understanding the decor and layout of your kitchen will help you understand the variety of options available to you. Rest assured, Ferguson offers a great selection of styles, sizes and finishes to make sure you're getting the most out of your kitchen sink.

Things to Consider

Number of holes: When choosing a kitchen sink, it is important to take into consideration the number of holes needed to fit the faucet of your choice, including handles, sprayers and any other faucet accessories.

Bowl Depth: Keep in mind the height of your kitchen counter, and that the depth of an average sink is up to 10 inches. In some cases, a kitchen sink with too much depth can make it difficult to reach down and complete normal tasks like rinsing dishes.

Number of bowls: The amount of cooking done and dishes used in your household should factor in to your decision about choosing between a one, two, or three bowl sink.

Single Bowl Sink

Single Bowl Sink

Single Bowl Sinks typically offer a large amount of space in one bowl so you can stack used dishes and cookware as needed. Single bowl kitchen sinks are convenient and take up less space than multi-bowl sinks.

Double Bowl Sink

Double Bowl Sinks

Double Bowl Sinks help organize different duties you may do in the kitchen, such as prepping food to cook in one and rinsing or washing in another.

Triple Bowl Sink

Triple Bowl Sinks

Triple Bowl Sinks are similar to double bowl but the addition of a third, smaller bowl can further help organize any prep, cleaning and washing duties you may encounter in the kitchen.


The way in which your sink is mounted will help you achieve specific style and appearance.

Drop-In Sinks

Drop-In Sinks are typically "dropped in" to a pre-existing hole of a kitchen countertop. These types tend to be easiest to install since the location of the sink is pre-determined and no further plumbing usually needs to be done.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount Sinks are installed under the kitchen counter. Ideally, these sinks are installed in counters made of a smooth solid surface, as it will surround the sides of the sink.

Tile-In Sinks

Tile In Sinks are meant to be installed in kitchen counters with a tiled surface. These sinks have flat, squared off corners for that reason, as the sink will fit tightly against the tile and keep a nice flat surface on your kitchen counter.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated Sinks are just that; integrated into the actual kitchen cabinet. They are specifically shaped to fit right in to a countertop surface, creating a very custom look. Counter-integrated sinks also can't be replaced without also replacing kitchen counter

Specialty Kitchen Sinks

Specialty Kitchen Sinks can be an addition to your primary sink or an addition on its own to another room of your home.

Bar Sinks

Bar Sinks

Bar Sinks can be a convenient addition to your primary sink for extra duties or be a standalone installation. These sinks make a great addition to a finished basement or family room for entertaining.

Apron Sink

Apron Sinks

Apron sinks have wide and deep bowls where the front and sometimes sides are exposed, serving as a great utility. Typically found in laundry rooms, garages and utility closets, Apron Sinks are extra durable and offer more room for cleaning or washing.

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