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This Wild Idea: Home Edition


Inside Photographer Theron Humphrey's Building Process

This Wild Idea: Home Edition - Hero Image

Meet Theron Humphrey

When it comes to style, North Carolina native Theron Humphrey is known for his beautiful minimalist and organic photography. He was recently named National Geographic "Traveler of the Year" after he took a year off to see America and traveled across all 50 states to document the life of everyday people.

These days, he has found deeper roots in Nashville. This past year, his main focus has been building a house in east Nashville. His house story started after realizing he needed to create a beautifully curated and unique space he could call home.

From water heaters to faucets and laundry, Theron relied on Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery for its expertise on the ideal products for his new home. Our product experts in the Nashville showroom helped Theron (and Maddie) select the perfect bath and kitchen fixtures, appliances and lighting that complemented the modern aesthetic he was trying to achieve from start to finish.

Tour Theron's New Modern Retreat

Building Permit image Floor Plan image

Getting Started

From the beginning, Theron wanted to create a mid-century modern home with character. He wanted to live in a house that he would feel recharged in - something unique and special. His vision was to create a space that was roommate-friendly with each room having its own bathroom, yet a space that was open and connected to its environment.

Maddie and a bathtub photo
Maddie with a lamp photo

Making Choices

No color is too bright when it comes to kitchen space. With the mindset of selecting something unique, Theron opted for steel shade, barn-style Sea Gull pendants for the kitchen island. These pendants were a nice pop of color and served as an accent to the all-white walls.

For the bathroom, Theron wanted to stick to the basics. He was looking for a bathtub that had a simple slack face to it in order to keep the entire look minimalist and fell in love with Signature Hardware "Sitka" Soaking Tub. It is clean, flat, simple and modern-inspired. And it was Maddie-approved!

Maddie on the floor photo
Maddie sleeping on wood photo

Building the Frame

When it came to building the walls, Theron was aiming for privacy. His goal was to create a serene space for him and his guests, so he added insulation with soundproofing in the walls.

Maddie peaking over a dumpster photo

Taking a Break

We can't get enough of Theron's dog and best friend, Maddie. There were several dumpsters around the property to ensure everything was being disposed correctly.

Maddie going through doggie door photo
Maddie in a field by a red car photo
Maddie outside sliding doors photo

Selecting Details

Theron first fell in love with the property because of its surroundings. With big trees surrounding the area, Theron wanted to make sure he and his guests could enjoy the view, so an oversized glass door was an easy choice. It opens up the living room and provides the natural light a photographer is always looking for. Other small details were just as important, like Maddie's entrance where she can come and go as she wants.

Maddie in a kitchen sink photo

Making Modern Choices

For the kitchen sink, Theron wanted a large basin-type sink. When he saw the Krauss single basin sink, he knew he had found what he wanted. This stainless steel 30" single basin sink comes with a grate for bottom protection and to let the dishes dry. However, Theron's favorite part is the modern shape with rounded corners, so it drains well and is easy to clean.

Maddie in a sleeping bag photo
Maddie in a window photo

Almost There

After a few months, it started to look more like the home Theron had envisioned. With vertical cedar boards on the exterior and a roof over their heads, he and Maddie were able to spend the night in the house for the first time. It was not the lap of luxury, but it was starting to feel like home.

Carrying water heater up the stairs photo
Maddie napping under a tree photo
Maddie on the porch photo

Adding the Essentials

Though the house feels like the country, Theron wanted to make sure it adapted to his needs and had a few 21st century features. For his water heater, Theron chose the State Premier® Self-Cleaning 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater (ENX-40-DXRT) because it has an easy-to-use digital control panel so he can quickly change the temperature or set the unit to vacation mode when he is out of town.

Maddie and Theron on the porch photo
Maddie asleep on the porch photo

Making Progress

Theron discovered every single decision gave him the opportunity to balance cost and quality. As he continued to build the house, he upgraded a few areas like the exterior decking. He chose Garapa hardwood, which is said to last 25 years with minimal maintenance. The wood has so much more heart than pressure treated pine, which is super affordable!

Maddie under the ladder photo
Theron installing outdoor lighting photo

Installing the Lights

Once the windows were installed, it was time to add the exterior lighting. With the help of friend who is also an electrician (the best!), Theron installed WAC Lighting LED wall sconces, which emit light both upward and downward so you can adjust the bulb angle. These lights will be the perfect way to illuminate all the work and design invested in Theron's outdoor space.

Maddie inspecting the plumbing at a Ferguson Showroom photo
Theron inspecting a refrigerator at a Ferguson Showroom photo

Visiting the Showroom

Once the floors were done and the cabinets were in, it was time to install the appliances. Theron and Maddie had visited the Nashville showroom during the planning process to select all the appliances for the new kitchen. For the refrigerator, he chose the KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator as well as a suite of KitchenAid appliances to create a cohesive look.

Want to see how the rest of Theron's space turned out? Check out the finished home photo gallery and find inspiration for your next home project.

Tour Theron's New Modern Retreat